Epic Rail Adventures: 7 Luxury Trains to Experience Together

Embarking on a luxury train journey is like stepping into a moving story where each carriage whispers tales of history, each landscape unveils a canvas of breathtaking vistas, and every moment spent together becomes a cherished memory. For couples seeking an extraordinary experience, luxury trains offer the perfect blend of adventure, romance, and unparalleled opulence. Imagine dining under the stars as you glide past snow-capped mountains, exploring ancient cities hidden within misty valleys, or waking up to the serene beauty of a sun-drenched desert—all from the comfort of your plush suite on wheels. From the majestic highlands of Scotland to the heart-stopping gorges of Peru, we present seven luxury trains that promise an unforgettable journey through some of the world’s most epic landscapes. Ranked for their unique routes, exquisite service, and the immersive experiences they offer, these rail adventures are the ultimate in romantic travel.

An Enchanting Journey Through the Scottish Highlands

The Belmond Royal Scotsman invites you to explore Scotland's enchanting landscapes in unparalleled luxury. With just 36 guests aboard, this train offers an intimate and lavish experience, complete with private cabins, gourmet dining, and exclusive excursions.

Signature Experience: Enjoy traditional Scottish entertainment, visit historic castles, and partake in private whisky tastings at renowned distilleries, all while meandering through the mystical Highlands.

Why It's #1: Its combination of luxury, exclusivity, and immersive cultural experiences set against the backdrop of Scotland's breathtaking scenery makes the Belmond Royal Scotsman the ultimate rail adventure for couples.

A Journey Through the Heart of Europe in Timeless Elegance

The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express embodies the romance and glamour of the golden age of travel. Journey between iconic cities such as Venice, Paris, and Istanbul in vintage carriages that have been restored to their original grandeur.

Signature Experience: Savor exquisite meals in the beautifully appointed dining cars, enjoy cocktails in the bar car with live piano music, and wake up to new vistas each day.

Why It's #2: Its historic route, exceptional service, and the timeless elegance of its art deco carriages offer an unmatched experience that evokes the mystique of European travel.

3. The Blue Train, South Africa

A Window to the Soul of South Africa

Traversing South Africa from Pretoria to Cape Town, The Blue Train offers a moving five-star hotel experience. Luxurious suites, panoramic windows, and fine dining allow passengers to witness the dramatic landscapes of South Africa in utmost comfort.

Signature Experience: High tea in the observation car, gourmet meals prepared with fresh local ingredients, and off-train excursions including diamond mine tours or visits to colonial estates.

Why It's #3: The Blue Train combines the luxury of a five-star hotel with the excitement of African exploration, making it an ideal choice for couples seeking both adventure and opulence.

Spectacular Canadian Rockies by Daylight

The Rocky Mountaineer offers a daylight journey that unveils the majestic beauty of the Canadian Rockies. Its routes, such as the journey from Vancouver to Banff, allow couples to immerse themselves in panoramic views of towering mountains, crystal-clear lakes, and lush forests, all from the comfort of luxurious, glass-domed carriages.

Signature Experience: Indulge in gourmet meals prepared with local ingredients while marveling at the passing scenery. Unique to the Rocky Mountaineer are the off-train excursions, offering a closer look at the natural wonders and cultural richness of Western Canada.

Why It's #4: With its focus on daylight travel, the Rocky Mountaineer ensures that no scenic vista is missed, making it a perfect choice for couples who wish to soak in every moment of their journey through one of the most beautiful landscapes on earth.

5. Eastern & Oriental Express, Southeast Asia

Exotic Elegance Through the Heart of Southeast Asia

Traveling through the lush landscapes of Southeast Asia, from Singapore to Bangkok via Malaysia, the Eastern & Oriental Express redefines luxury travel with its elegant interiors, exceptional service, and an itinerary that weaves through the heart of this vibrant region.

Signature Experience: Enjoy an elegant dinner in one of the sumptuous dining cars, relax in the open-air observation car, and embark on culturally rich excursions that offer a glimpse into the soul of Southeast Asia, including rural villages and historic temples.

Why It's #5: The Eastern & Oriental Express stands out for its blend of luxury and adventure, offering couples an intimate experience through some of Southeast Asia's most captivating scenery and cultural landmarks.

Photo by The Ghan

6. The Ghan, Australia

An Epic Journey Through Australia’s Heartland

Named after the Afghan cameleers who once traversed the Australian Outback, The Ghan offers an unforgettable journey from Darwin to Adelaide. This epic train ride showcases the vast and varied landscapes of Australia, from tropical rainforests in the North to the arid Red Centre and onto the rolling vineyards of the South.

Signature Experience: Experience the heart of the Australian Outback with luxury onboard accommodations and unique off-train excursions that delve into Australia's natural wonders and indigenous cultures.

Why It's #6: The Ghan is celebrated for its ability to connect passengers with the raw beauty and vastness of Australia, providing an unmatched blend of comfort, adventure, and cultural exploration.

A Legendary Journey Across the Russian Expanse

Embarking on the Trans-Siberian Railway aboard the Tsar's Gold Train offers a once-in-a-lifetime journey across the vast expanse of Russia. From Moscow to Vladivostok, this journey unfolds across seven time zones, offering an unparalleled exploration of Russia's diverse landscapes and rich history.

Signature Experience: Revel in the luxury of the Tsar's Gold Train with its comfortable cabins and exquisite dining options. Engage with local cultures through guided tours that explore the historical and natural landmarks along one of the world's longest railway routes.

Why It's #7: This legendary rail journey is not just about the destinations but the sheer experience of traversing across Russia's immense landscapes in luxury, making it an epic adventure for couples seeking both romance and discovery.

Choosing a luxury train journey for your romantic getaway or honeymoon offers an extraordinary way to discover the world together. Each train ride listed above promises not just a mode of travel but an immersive experience, where luxury meets adventure, and every landscape tells a story. From the enchanting highlands of Scotland aboard the Belmond Royal Scotsman to the vibrant heart of Southeast Asia on the Eastern & Oriental Express, and across the sprawling expanses of Australia with The Ghan, these rail adventures offer couples a chance to forge unforgettable memories in some of the world’s most scenic settings. So pack your bags, step aboard, and let the romance of the rails carry you away on an epic journey of discovery and luxury.