Bora Bora


Photo by Arnie Papp,

Bora Bora, often called the jewel of the South Seas, epitomizes paradise and is an ideal honeymoon haven. Famous for its turquoise lagoons, soft white sands, and iconic overwater bungalows, this island provides a secluded, romantic setting. Its stunning natural beauty creates a serene and intimate atmosphere. Here, couples can indulge in luxury, privacy, and breathtaking scenery, making it the perfect backdrop to celebrate love and begin a lifetime together.

Where to StaY

Bora Bora's accommodation is synonymous with luxury and romance, offering a range of exquisite overwater bungalows and beachfront resorts. These private sanctuaries provide direct lagoon access, spectacular views, and top-notch amenities, ensuring a serene and intimate experience. Many resorts offer special honeymoon packages, including spa treatments and private dinners. Staying in these exclusive accommodations allows couples to immerse themselves fully in the island's tranquil beauty. Check out the articles below for more ideas.


Activities in Bora Bora cater to romance and adventure. Couples can explore the lagoon by snorkeling or on a private boat tour, encountering colorful marine life. On land, hiking Mount Otemanu offers breathtaking views. For relaxation, couples can enjoy spa services with traditional Polynesian treatments or simply bask on the pristine beaches. Cultural experiences like Polynesian dance shows and village tours enrich the journey. Bora Bora's unique blend of adventure and serenity ensures a memorable honeymoon. Check out the articles below for more ideas.


Dining in Bora Bora is a gastronomic delight, offering a fusion of French and Polynesian cuisines. The island's restaurants, ranging from high-end resorts to local eateries, provide romantic settings with lagoon views and gourmet menus featuring fresh seafood and exotic fruits. Intimate beachside dinners, candlelit meals on private islets, and traditional Polynesian feasts add to the culinary experience. For a casual yet authentic taste, local food trucks serve delicious local fare. Check out the articles below for more ideas.